Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lent Break -- Happy Birthday, Mom!

I had to take a break from the Lent schedule for February 19th, for a number of reasons. The best reason was to celebrate the birth of my wonderful Mother. I told her on the phone that I have slowly been understanding what makes her so special. It is her heart of service. She is always doing what someone really needs to have done -- usually without being asked -- and always without looking for thanks or reward, much less any thought for what she would rather be doing.

If one of Mother's children or grandchildren has ever really needed what only Mom or Grandma could give, she has always been there. Faithful -- that's a good word for her.

My Mother is one of the very best examples of a life lived by The Jesus Creed, even though she has never read the book. She has, however, been reading The Book all of her life -- and so she knows and understands the centrality of the call for loving God and loving others ... and that this means humble service to others.

Not even going to start telling stories ... wouldn't know where to start or finish.

So, thanks, Mom, for loving God and loving others -- especially me.

And Happy Birthday!

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