Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Loosening the leash...and other news from Abi....

Well, it has been such a long time since I got any spam, I'm going to try not having to moderate comments again.  We'll see how it goes.


School ... it has begun, again!  I have one of each of the three schools that are right next to each other -- "School House Row" we call it -- elementary, middle and high school.  Working with the PTSA at the elementary and middle schools always means that August is a crazy month, getting ready for the Back To School madness. 

It is a good thing to engage with the school, and since this will be my last year with a student at the elementary school, I'm finally giving in -- yes, President of the PTSA.  I felt I owed them -- I have had a student at that school for 12 consecutive years, now ... and I've never done much more than join. 

One year, back in 2006, I volunteered to help count & process Scrip on Mondays.  I worked with a lovely woman who became my dear friend ... and she recruited me into leadership when my oldest and her youngest left elementary school for middle school.  I started as the Newsletter Editor, then President for 2 years and Secretary for 2 years.  I'm just being a member there this year, helping mentor the new leadership from the background.

And so now I'm using all the wonderful training the PTA/PTSA provides for its leaders ... and giving back. 


Back To School stuff went great ... first week of school was exhausting, but great, too.  Then the weekend hit with a vengeance...and I spent 8 1/2 hours of my Saturday in the ER with my 5th grade son ... who went too fast and jumped too high off ramps with his bike (actually, his friend's bike -- his is not good for ramps ... and there was a good reason for that!) ... lost control in the air ... and landed head first on the street.

Not going to go into all the details ... my son and I are both weary of telling the story ... but I will show you what's left of his helmet (a pile of plastic shrapnel was left at the impact spot on the street, but I was too busy with a very injured boy to stop and take a picture of that!) ... and remind you to be sure you and your kids wear your helmets when riding bikes!

My son is the school poster boy for helmet safety for now ... let's hope the lesson is learned this time ... because we don't want to do this again!

This helmet gave its life for my son.  A grateful and exhausted mom says "Thank You!" -- to God for which ever angel it was who dove between my son and the road, to that helmet, and to my son -- for wearing it!


p.s.  Oh, yeah ... skull in tact, neck not broken (but lots of sore muscles there!), two sets of stitches around his right eye, 5 or 6 patches of road burn on his face, knuckles, shoulder and back ... and one broken bone in his right hand ... called the Boxer's metacarpal.  Arnica Montana and Calendula came to the rescue in a big way and he was back to school on Tuesday, with his cervical collar, splint, sling and, um, striking appearance.  He is making incredible progress ... stitches out Friday, hopefully, and cast on his hand (up to the middle of his forearm) next Tuesday.