Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Mosaic Bible and Celtic Daily Office

Well, this wee abbess is very happy!

I have finally got a rhythm that works for me ... using the weekly meditations and bible readings from The Mosaic Bible in conjunction with the Northumbria Celtic Daily Office.  And, even as I type this post, I am downloading the music file from Northumbria so that I can learn to sign the daily office.

Woo hoo!

With the singing version, I just may be able to get my children to join in....

I start with the daily office and when I get to the meditation, I go to the current week in The Mosaic Bible and read the four scripture selections and variety of writings.  The I go back and finish with the rest of the office.

And I have the mp3 version of Eugene Peterson's "The Message" bible ... and am listening to the Beatitudes daily, as well.  I'm going to be adding the daily prayer music to my microchip so that it is on my cell phone, too.  Wow....

Yep ... one very happy girl, here!

Blessings to you....