Friday, November 8, 2013

Abi and Brokenness....

Updated...see below!

I have written about Oprah a couple of times.  I have tremendous respect for her, although I do not agree with everything she says or does.  That's normal, I think.  If you have problems with Oprah, I humbly ask you to suspend disbelief (J.R.R. Tolkien's lovely term) long enough to hear what I'm saying.  You'll be okay.

Anyway, today's lead article in her Spirit Newsletter struck me as timely.  It came as an answer to a fervent prayer.  It is not perfect, either; but it gave me several bits of encouragement.  These I will share with you. Some come right out of the article, others are my thoughts that came from reading.  Please read the original article first, if you haven't already ... the rest of this post will still be here when you get back.  Go ahead; it's not very long.  ;^)

Here's the stream of consciousness that made me get out my pen and paper and capture some thoughts:

  • Everyone is broken from time to time.  Um, this would resonate with the abbess of the purple martyrdom.
  • Breaking is necessary for enlargement.  I could write an entire series on this profound thought.
  • Enlargement comes by being present in all ways, in all directions. I struggle with this and I am astounded by the variety of ways this little gem keeps popping up in my journey.
  • Being present is the practice of holding nothing back.  Dr. Brown would call this part of the courage that comes from being wholehearted.  Her thoughts have been echoing Dr. Kruger's thoughts, especially his teaching on the "I am not..." problem, which she states as "Never enough."  Profound.
He then gives four steps to finding wholeness and health and growth:

Accept the weather

    • It is what it is....
    • Every "crack" is an opening
    • ...The Light of Jesus, there in the deepest darkness in our souls, shines out through our cracks.  Makes me think of this passage.
    • ...What is opened is always more important that what breaks us.
    • ...Don't get stuck in your list of legitimate grievances.  Yeah, this is very big.

Lean into the tender places

    • Letting the wind of life rush in and tough the tender spots is the beginning of resilience.  This is very deep and I'm still processing it....

What kind of "part" am I in what kind of "whole"?  This is the whole "identity crisis" issue, right here!

    • My response:  I am a daughter of the Heavenly Father, sister to Jesus, the Father's Eternal Son, and dancing partner with the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Blessed Trinity.
    • This Truth is foundational and is what has been undermined by the "I am not..." and "Never enough" curse of human culture. is pernicious!
    • When blinded by the pain and darkness, I need to remember to look for the Light shining through those broken, cracked spots.
    • ...Embrace what can emerge by allowing Jesus to clean away the broken bits.
    • ...Sometimes we emerge like those beautiful Oriental bowls that have been repaired with gold....
    • ...Sometimes we emerge like butterflies struggling to escape from their cocoon. Transformation is often mistaken for rejection or heresy by those who do not have eyes to see what the Spirit has been doing.

Look beyond the broken

    • In each of us, the Holy Spirit has planted a unique seed.  Different seeds go through different processes of germination.  They remain dormant until the time and environment are right ... the fullness of time, as it were.
      • ...what is too dry for some is just right for others
      • ...what is to warm for some is not hot enough for others
      • ...what is nutrient-dense to some is too rich for others
Sometimes I think I am one of those seeds that need a hot fire to neutralize my cocoon of enzymes and allow the seed to germinate.  Yeah, burning down the forest is not a good time. but if that is the only way to awaken the sleeping life inside my soul....

Be blessed as you persevere on your journey.  

  • May the Light shine through the cracks of your broken heart. 
  • May the Light that is in you overpower the whispered evil of the "I am not...never enough" that has flourished in your darkened soul.
  • May the sweet burn of the cleaning pool restore you to your True Identity after Aslan's powerfully sharp claws have torn away the knobby dragon hide that imprisoned you.  Love C.S. Lewis!  Do you know Eustace?  (And, yes, I will forever be sorry that they did not put that powerful scene in the movie of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader....)   Update:  you can listen to the chapter here!