Friday, June 3, 2011

Abi and Oprah, Part 2

For years I have said:  "God helps me because I am pathetic."  And it was true then ... just as it is still true now.  This is all part of what I call the Purple Martyedom ... the witness of those bruised and battered brothers and sisters who keep following Jesus, no matter how hard the road gets.

Each year I have a better understanding of just how pathetic I am.  But wait!  It was never a pejorative use of the word ... not the way folks in the South use "Bless her heart!"  No ... rather in the sense of a daughter invoking the pity of her Father because of her vulnerability and miserable inadequacy.  And the Father responds with cHesed ... initiating whatever it is that his precious girl needs in order to learn and grow in love and grace and mercy.  Not Pharisaic pity that passes by on the other side ... but Samaritan pity that is compelled to stop and help.

Because it is only as we perceive how pathetic we are (in the face of the majesty and mystery that is Father-Son-Holy Spirit) that we will be able to receive God's love for us (from wherever is might come) and return that love to him and others ... with joyful humility and heart-felt gratitude.

And so I have seen, yet again, that what I said in the original post ... "Saved me some of what I knew I had to say myself" ... is still true.  Read this spot-on post about Oprah's "Last Sermon" to see what I mean.  Well done, brother!

The Spirit is always at work ... and wonderfully able to say what needs to be said from a wide variety of sources.  So even though I am not yet ready to process the rest of my notes, here's the link to a blog that says more of what I wanted to say.

...if I wait long enough, I won't have to say anything ... except Amen!. 

And that is just fine with me!    :^)

Be blessed.