Friday, October 19, 2018

Abi's 11th Blogiversary!

Greetings from your wee purple abbess!  

It has been a long two years since my last wee post, acknowledging my 9th Blogiversary ... and there is no way to even begin to catch you up on what's been happening.

I am making very slow progress, but I do see progress, as I work to make my brain and body stronger and more resilient. Lots of changes happening, with more coming! My eldest son has graduated from college. My second son has just begun his Junior year at college. My youngest son is a senior in high school. I treasure this last time being a Senior Mom -- it has been quite a journey with these boys! They are growing into wonderful young men doing great things in the world. You're welcome, world, for these three awesome gifts from God! 💜

I do, however, wonder whether there might be a time coming when I return to posting about my purple ponderings in this space -- my small spot on the world wide interwebs. We'll see about that, but in the meantime, I didn't want the year to pass without remembering the wonderful events that led to this wee blog and the helpful thing that it has been to me over the years.

I might begin by an in-depth look at Perichoretic cHesed...breaking it down piece by piece in order to provide the bigger picture. And, yes, it is still what takes most of my brain's bandwidth. I do believe that this concept is my wee task, and I feel it is time to take up that task again in this space.  

This renewal of effort, of course, means that things that I have written previously about Perichoretic cHesed (and that's most of what you'll find here!) will be updated...and, as I have said many times, my thoughts have grown a lot over the past 11 years -- so do not hold me to things I have grown past, please. 😎

My world remain solidly purple. I feel a bit like Frodo when he said that not all things seem to heal fully. I have no ship to take into the West, but I know that the day will come when all things will be made new. I guess that I have come to accept that this is the way things will be for "thorn in the flesh", as it were, until that day arrives. I certainly am in good company, there! And, yes...God's grace is more than sufficient, for Their power is, indeed, made perfect in weakness.

Be blessed...