Sunday, February 3, 2008

1-2-3 Meme...Spreading Like Wildfire!

Brother Maynard tagged the entire internet, first. Then, VikingFru tagged me (and Kingdom Grace had tagged her). And then Sonja tagged me...and so here I am, with the rules for the Meme ... although I'm not tagging anyone else, because almost everyone I know has already been tagged ;^) ... except I am going to tag Annette!

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. No cheating!
Find Page 123.
Find the first 5 sentences.
Post the next 3 sentences.
Tag 5 people.

I’m reading Clinton E. Arnold’s “Power and Magic: The Concept of Power in Ephesians” page 123, paragraph 2, last 3 sentences (you didn’t say which 3, did you?) [Note: Brother Maynard's rules were slightly different from what I have gotten from the others.]

“It cannot be assumed that the fears of these converts about the evil spiritual realm were immediately allayed by their new-found faith. It would also be erroneous to assume that their conversion to Christianity would have brought about a complete forsaking of all their former means of protection from the hostile “powers.” Even if many (or the majority) of Christians did totally turn aside from their former apotropaic practices, some at least would have faced a great temptation to combine their Christian faith with magical techniques.”

Annette...did you see that you have been tagged, sister???


Earl said...

Hi, Abi. I'm new to your blog and was really interested to see your reference to the term "reverse mentoring" appearing in "Voices." Is that a book? (Forgive my ignorance.) I'm publishing a book on reverse mentoring later this year with Jossey-Bass and am really interested in reading what you've written. Thanks a lot! Earl Creps

AbiSomeone said...

Hello, Earl!

Yes...over in the sidebar you will see a link that says Wikiklesia Contributor, which is concerning Wikiklesia: Volume One -- Voices of the Virtual World. I contributed a chapter called, "Virtual Mentoring at the Abbey"

I ran across a different use of the term "reverse mentoring" a little while ago, but it was not like what I was talking about. Google it and you'll find PAGES and pages.

That kind is basically letting the younger generation "mentor up" to those with more experience but with older (perhaps out of date?) ideas/context.

If you go in my sidebar under Abi's Links, you will find Abi's Terms, which will take you to a page where I have the paragraph from my chapter that speaks of reverse mentoring.

I would be interested in your term means yet another thing ;^)

Be blessed.

Earl said...

Thanks, Abi! I was not aware of the book and it looks really good. I've only seen a few references to rm in the sense you mean it as sort of un-mentoring. Most writers, as you said, seem to use it as teaching up, young to old. That's how I'll use it, but I've seen enough damage from conventional mentoring to know that that the "un" variety is a very neglected discipline too. My goal, I guess, is to get older leaders to turn down their anxiety level enough to listen to unlikely people. The young are one example. All the best! E

AbiSomeone said...


Anything we can do to embrace the "other" and see things through their eyes is powerful. I guess it is a kind of "un-mentoring" to set aside our prejudices and perspectives so as to recognize Truth from each and every person we come's there!

I remember being in management at Hughes Aircraft (20 years ago) and learning about "managing up" as well--when we had to "help" our managers learn how to manage us better. I would think that might be an interesting aspect of this reverse mentoring. It's not just an older to younger dynamic of humility and is a younger to older reach for productivity and effectiveness, too, and the young need to learn the lessons of humility and creativity in cooperation as well.

Not a lot of folks interested in this kind of servant leadership, though. Hard, humble, challening work. Blessings on you and your efforts on this book.

Yes, "Voices" is a very interesting collection of thought-provoking essays. One of its purposes is to give voice to those who would otherwise be unheard. Certainly my voice was one of those. ;^)

Brad said...

I hear yuh, sis!

AbiSomeone said...

Thanks, brother Brad :^)

annette said...

I got your tag... i've sent it on... check my blog... now i say, NOT IT!