Monday, February 18, 2008

Abi's Lent: Day 13

Just love chapter 10! Praising God for his timing, again, I have decided that The Jesus Creed will have to be another of the foundational books for CovenantClusters. God is, indeed, good.

Scot takes us through Peter's conversion process. And that he identifies it as a process is very good news to me. He show the difference between those who see conversion as a "Birth Certificate" moment in time (which can lead to an entitlement mentality) and conversion as a "Driver's License" that comes as one grows and matures and takes responsibility to take to the road with Jesus.

Conversion is a process, friends. And even though some have a "Paul" experience that crystallizes the process, most of us have the "Peter" experience of one step forward, two steps back on the road to belief and active service of our Lord. We have to see clearly before we respond properly. The road begins with private love of God and others, but it must become public -- and our license to drive gets us out on the highway!

Which takes me back to Abi's cHesed Glasses ... being able to see as God sees so that we will first love God and then love others -- ALL others. I guess that means that each of us in the Kingdom will have restricted licenses. We all need help seeing. ;^)

So many other good thoughts ... I'll have to stop here!

On the road with Papa.

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