Monday, February 25, 2008

Abi's Lent: Day 20

Hey, we're half way there -- on our 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed Challenge leading up to Lent. It has been a good focus time for me, and I am grateful to be finally reading The Jesus Creed along the journey. I'm sure you're getting weary hearing it, but this will be definitely one of those books I will be suggesting to folks who want to understand what CovenantClusters is all about ... one of a growing list, for which I am eternally (as well as immediately) grateful!

Today I read chapter 13 -- first in the second section called The Society of the Jesus Creed -- entitled A Society of Transformation. And I am immediately reminded again of the Covenant Formulary: In Christ + Like Christ = With Christ. Scot (p. 127) speaks of the importance of the term Kingdom of God, defining it basically as: the kingdom is the society in which the Jesus Creed transforms life. In the here and now of daily human existence, not the then and there of Jesus' return and what follows.

This means that we must first join this society. That is where the "in Christ" comes in, with the accepting of the New Covenant. But once one is "in Christ" one must join this society -- this cluster of believers who love God by following Jesus and living out the Jesus Creed by loving others. The "like Christ" society of transformation. The world has known them for years by the word "church" ... but, alas, this word has been terribly compromised. Sigh! :^(

And so we are called, this generation, to order pockets of this Kingdom society afresh -- returning to our roots in order to grow again ... no, flourish. The evidence for this old dance -- one step left, two steps right -- is cropping up everywhere. And I am encouraged by this, almost 26 months out from the vision for CovenantClusters.

Here's what I wrote in my Jesus Creed Journal this morning:

One of the important components in the vision for CovenantClusters is this very idea of a transforming society. I believe that it requires an intentional community in order to overcome the extreme isolation of the current individualistic society we live in.

We must have an environment where all are both encouraged to go deeper in relationship to Jesus (loving God) and to be accountable to live out the Jesus Creed together. To live out the Kingdom now in the midst of their everyday life.

This is cHesed and the life of the Hasidim of Jesus -- clusters of transformed societies out in the neighborhoods!

Radical words call for radical actions....

Dancing with Papa and Jesus and Sarayu.

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Anonymous said...

Peggy, you are on a great track. Jesus was so "radical" that tradition dependents and developers of their self gradtifying doctrine had to silence Him. They gave Him voice like no other person of Man has ever known.

The system of "church" as our fathers were trained is founded on the same system that will not flourish eternally. The church that Jesus Christ is sole High Priest of calls all searching for an eternity of truth and love out of Man's religions into His church body.

As we accept the law written in our minds and hearts by the Holy Spirit we step out of the limitations of self certainty and into the unlimited growth from faith in our Lord God's ability to nurture our joy forever more because He loves us. We are His children even when we take pride in our adulthood in Man. He gives us great space to play in, as is the playground of Earth, and gives us much forgiving parental grace that we learn from our mistakes.

Our extremely isolating societal limitations are of our own doing. We don't trust our Father to keep us safe in our inner city neighborhood. We join intimidating and manipulating gangs because we understand the protection they offer and the childish rules they live by. Paul and Peter were called out of all organized religion and were no longer limited by Man's doctrines, except to show respect to any Sabbath and any diet. This all changed and reverted to the more comfortable control of Man 300 years later. What appears as an infinite chaotic turmoil is often under perfectly balanced direction by our Lord God and Creator, like the Universe. I wish we had more archived history of those 300 years. I guess we have to take it upon faith that it worked as a church inspired by the Holy Spirit; that and the fact it survived 300 years without screaming, "LOOK AT ME, I'M MORE RIGHTEOUS THAN THEM!".

I am but a speck of next to nothing in the scheme of things. Whatever I say or do will be near forgotten in a hundred years and totally forgotten in a 1,000. I am stilled loved and have been extended grace and opportunity many times my ability to value it. When I can accept my minute stature I become free from the pressure of having to respond based only on my ability to produce. I learn to trust in the reality of omnipotence and omnipresence active in the guidance I receive from the Holy Spirit. I become free to grow from my understood limiting dependence on the body of Man into the unlimiting
dependence found in the body "church" that Christ Jesus is the Head.

There is so much more as you might have noticed in this offering to you. Suffice it to say, you are on the right track and this gives me great joy.