Monday, October 29, 2007

Righteously Ranting Abbess Alert—R2A2

I have been feeling the stirrings of the Holy Rebel that has manifested itself on more than one occasion over at TFW…in conjunction with all this processing about martyrdom and Irina and Grey and Purple. Two things have triggered it today. And since MO Blogger Glenn thinks I'm blogging like a wild woman, I'll try to live up to it....

[Whoa, stop the presses!


Please pause for a small moment of rejoicing with The Abbess, who has just figured out how to make links. :^)

Thank you...hope springs eternal that I'll get it together sooner than later!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.]

The first is a conversation about tempers and righteous anger resulting in comment #11 in this TFW thread. The second is a comment by Brad in my P2M3 Thread.

Okay…yes, I am an acronym freak—comes from all those years in aerospace, where you could have an entire conversation in acronyms. I’m just not up on all the blogospheric ones…but I’m trying to learn as I go. Feel free to help The Abbess along. ;^)

So, here are two of the ones I’m making up today:

R2A2 = Righteously Ranting Abbess Alert (This will become a new searchable category label.)

When you see a post begin with R2A2, it isn’t about R2D2’s sister or anything like that. It will, however, be something that I feel strongly about that will be focused on what I am going to do about it in my sphere of influence, rather than ranting about what someone else is, isn’t, or should be doing.

P2M = This represents the topic of the different threads in the Processing Purple Martyrdom series. If it has a number after it, that refers to the number in the series, as in the P2M3 thread linked above.

So stay tuned…take a look at the links above…and be prepared for the next R2A2!

Be blessed.


alan hirsch said...

Duck comes a R2A2 or was that D2?

AbiSomeone said..., you have been lurking out there, eh? Good to hear from you.

I always did like little loyal and helpful in a tight spot...but he could put out quite a jolt if he needed to get someone's attention, couldn't he.

Hmmm...maybe we are related... ;^)