Saturday, October 27, 2007

I've been "Meandered"!

Wow...I've been "Meandered" by Scot McKnight over at Jesus Creed. I have come to understand what an honor this is...and the Abbess is truly honored! I'm even up at the top in the #3 spot. Wow, indeed!

Of course, I don't know how to do the whole "track back" thing, but here is the link if you want to see it with your own eyes:

Scot has been very kind to me over the months I've blog-clogged at his place...and it was a pleasure to be included in the Wikilesia Project's Volume One with him and so many other terrific brothers and sisters. He was especially kind in that he gave me a heads-up that I was on his "list" for this I could get my blog in order, as it were.

If only I was more adept and the technical nuances...sigh...just one more evidence of the Purple Martyrdom to which I have been called, I guess....the Abbess is honored, yes, but mostly humbled in that I don't know how to spread the news to my friends because I don't know how to do the whole track-back thing.

And that's just the way it should be!

So, since I am used to being paradoxical ;^), I sign of on this post:

Your humbly proud Abbess....

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