Monday, October 22, 2007

The right mix of Order and Chaos…

Part of my motivation for blogging is to bring a bit more order to my all-too-chaotic life. Not complete order, mind you…just enough order for relationships to thrive…with just enough chaos for imagination and creativity to inspire a bit of liminality-induced communitas.

Not constant chaos…not constant order…but the kind of ebb and flow of tides; the rising and setting of the sun; the changing of the seasons…different tempos, all—but not random thoughts.

So it seems to me that I will start by pondering five major themes on a regular—whatever that means ;^) —basis. Not quite sure of the how, but this is a overview of the what:

  • The Purple Martyrdom
  • Dwelling in the Word
  • Missional Order
  • CovenantClusters
  • Gardening with Abi

It is my hope that this intentionality will help keep my focus sharp (as in "short and sweet," HT WK, sister #4) and your interest keen. We are, after all, companions on The Way…and companions look out for each other’s best interests!

Be blessed.

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