Sunday, October 21, 2007

Acting my way into a new way of Dwelling

The final morning at Seabeck we agreed upon an plan of action that each of us who committed to walk with Allelon toward a Missional Order would undertake.

This is my list of action items:
  • I will continue with The Daily Office (see below)
  • I will continue Dwelling in the Word at Luke 10:1-12
  • I will engage in hospitality--looking to welcome the "other"--asking the Holy Spirit to reveal "How shall I speak "shalom" to them?"
  • Journeying with the MO group...sharing our stories
I have linked to Pete Askew's community at Northumbria to continue The Daily Office he led us through each day we were together. This is a different kind of practice for me. I trust that the Lord will use it to bring me closer to him and my brothers and sisters in his Body.

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