Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blogging Blues...

My goodness! I need a blogging editor...or at least a proofreader... But, this seems to be the case with every blog I have read, so it must come with the territory. will be yet another piece of the Purple Martyrdom...the serving from brokenness I'm pondering.

I hope to have the various early posts all fixed now...and if you have read them in earlier versions, today might be a day to glance back over them to see what's been added, what's been changed, what's still misspelled... ;^)


Matt Stone said...

Peggy, linked you :-)

Matt Stone said...

PS Now we just need to get you on facebook.

Anonymous said...

What is a covenant cluster? Read your profile and am curious.

AbiSomeone said...


Thanks for the link :^), brother!

And, by the way, I am already on facebook...and YOU are one of my six friends!!!

So, what should I be doing with facebook???


Thanks for visiting and for your question. After spending a bit of time on answering it...I decided that it might be time to put such a thing in its own I did!