Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Anthem of the Purple Martyrdom....

The Abbess extends an invitation to dwell in this meditation with her...does anyone know if this piece has been put to music? I would love to sing this with my children.


Receive our thanks
for night and day,
for food and shelter,
rest and play.
Be here our guest,
and with us stay,

saranam, saranam, saranam.

For this small earth
of sea and land,
for this small space
on which we stand,
for those we touch
with heart and hand,

saranam, saranam, saranam.

In the midst of foes
I cry to Thee,
from the ends of earth,
wherever I may be,
My strength in helplessness,
oh, answer me!

saranam, saranam, saranam.

Make my heart to grow
as great as Thine,
so through my hurt
Your love may shine,
my love be Yours,
Your love be mine,

saranam, saranam, saranam.

For those who've gone,
for those who stay,
for those to come,
following the Way,
be guest and guide
both night and day,

saranam, saranam, saranam.

Thanks, Northumbria, for this wonderful resource. May God bless you for your hospitality.

UPDATE: 10/31/07 I looked at this today and a little tune began to form in my mind--this is very unusual for the Abbess--and so I made a little recording of it so I wouldn't forget it. I would share it with you, but am too inept to figure out how to do that...God is being both merciful to you and to me in this, most likely.... If you want to get the wav file and get out your guitar (or whatever instrument(s) you have) and collect some singers in order to do it up as an MP3 file, just let me know! That would be awesome!

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