Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What to say?

[Update: I added a link to Scot's series of Preparing for Pentecost at Jesus Creed. There aren't too many comments, so it will not be difficult to find mine, if you're interested!]

I have been struggling with setting aside time to post here on my blog ... like the long-promised one on perichoresis ... or something about what's been going on inside of me while reading Scot McKnight's books (in the midst of his 40 Days Living The Jesus Creed and commenting on it most days in his Preparing for Pentecost threads -- as well as his Praying With The Church) ... and I've ordered Scot's book, The Real Mary, as well as Anne Rice's first novel in the Christ the Lord series: Out of Egypt.

I'm feeling a bit like I'm orbiting -- but in a good way. Not stuck in a decaying orbit and wondering when I'll fall into the atmosphere and burn up. Or in an orbit that's racing around the planet at thousands of miles per second.

...yikes -- all those years in aerospace are coming back!

It's more like a geosynchronous orbit -- the kind that is so far up that you stay in the same place over the same spot and orbit at the same rate the earth rotates. Those are the kinds of orbits necessary for communication satellites and the like ... not going to get into it here. ;^)

Anyway, I guess I'm in an "uplink" mode ... collecting data that will need to be "downlinked" sometime here soon. I'm "receiving" lots of information, but it's not time to do the final synthesis yet. Not really struggling with information overload, but it's close sometimes! :^(

In the meantime, The House Fairy and I are doing great work transforming my home 15 minutes at a time. I believe that this effort in my home and with my family is the important focus for the time being. And I'm doing my best to eat right and take the supplements that will rebuild my depleted endocrine system and sleep more and exercise. God is good and I do see progress in each of these area....

Waiting on the Holy Spirit ... isn't is an interesting time?

So, I'm working hard on living The Jesus Creed in preparation for Pentecost. I'm not even interested in peeking around the corner to see what will happen when Pentecost arrives ... but I do hope to be ready and willing to hoist my sails to catch The Wind and turn the wheel over to The Captain.

Maybe we'll blast out of orbit and get going wherever it is that we're going!

Orbiting with Papa!

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