Thursday, April 3, 2008

One more stop on Abi's trail....

One other trail you might want to follow is this one, also at Jesus Creed, where a new pastor is talking about how to initiate change in the congregation. He has made significant progressions himself, but isn't sure how to bring the folks along.

Lots of good ideas and thoughts in the comments, with The Abbess jumping in here, near the end. I would add, for your benefit here, that the change agent is the Holy Spirit. None of us can change anything or anyone toward better Kingdom alignment...we can only follow where the Spirit is leading and do what we are asked to do -- responding to whatever God puts in our path.

I am definitely looking forward to engaging small groups in Scot's books. I have another one of his to read, which I should begin soon: Praying With The Church. We'll see when I start....

On the trail with Papa.


mariam said...

Hi Peggy,

Not on topic but I appreciated your comment to me over in Jesus Creed. You were very welcoming to me when I first posted there and I've been wondering why I haven't seen as much of you there. This is the first time I realized you had your own blog. So, I would love to come visit from time to time.

Peace and love


AbiSomeone said...

Welcome, Mariam!

You are more than welcome to wander around and see what I've been up to. You might be surprised to find out things about me that one would not guess from my comments on Jesus Creed...or not!

Looking forward to "seeing" you here from time to time. You will see that I would consider you my sister in the Purple Martyrdom....

I started my blog back in October ... but I've been commenting more at Jesus Creed lately than I have in a long time. I am deeply involved in reading Scot's books -- finally! This takes me to the posts he has concerning those books or activities.

Today I started in with "Praying With The Church." His books, as you will see, are resonating strongly with me. I am grateful to God that he brings me scholars who write the books that describe the various components of the vision I call CovenantClusters. One less thing for me to do, eh? ;^)

Shalom to you...

"Abi" ;^)

mariam said...

I've wandered around your blog and was a bit surprised. You are less conservative than I expected:)
Nice to have a female perspective - so much of the theology seems to be owned by the men.

BTW, thanks for all your book recommendations on Jesus Creed. We are going to start with The Shack. I was at Chapters today but they hadn't put it out on the shelf yet. I told my daughter about it and she was quite eager to read it. She goes into the hospital on Tuesday for 3 weeks of re-feeding and medical stabilization so she will have lots of time to read. I have been reading about Smedes as well - I liked some of the stuff he has written about forgiveness. For a conservative Calvinist reformer - well I was pretty surprised. I watched the video interview with him on the issue of gays in the church and was moved to tears by his love and compassion.

Blessings and peace


AbiSomeone said...

Hello, Mariam!

Well, I am just hard to put into any box ... hehehe ... ;^) I have a dear friend who is from the Syriac Orthodox Church -- and she swears I'm one of them at heart. :^)

I am happy to be a "female" voice in the midst of the mostly male choir. But wouldn't you know ... I'm a second alto! :^)

You are, of course, free to comment on any of the old threads out there ... if you find that there is anything "interesting" you want to "talk" about.

I am so glad you have some good books for your daughter's down time in the hospital. I will be praying for her ... that God would meet her in her own "shack" and overwhelm her with his love.

And you would be amazed with Smedes' memoirs -- he died from an accident (fell off a ladder and hit his head -- didn't last long after) just after finishing the manuscript, so it was published posthumously. It is called "My God and I" and it will give you some significant insight into why this Calvinist was so full of grace and mercy. I call him the "pastor of my heart" -- truly he was a special man. I was privileged to hear him speak in person. So very humble and approachable. I have maybe 15 of his books. They are all wonderful.

His book on "Sex For Christians" (the revised edition) has an amazing section at the end called "Second Thoughts" where he talks about some the things that have happened in the 20 years since he first wrote the book. He has some very interesting things to say about homosexuality....

Okay ... off to bed! Be blessed.