Saturday, April 26, 2008

Christian Sniglets: Sniglians

Okay, The Abbess is just rolling on the floor with this one. And even though I suggested that "someone" should do this, I'm going to go ahead and start it myself. Because I can. :^)

Before you go on, please do follow the link above to post #178 of Stuff Christians Life. Since my comment may take a while to get out of "moderated comment" purgatory, I'll include it here:

Came over from Jesus Creed... LOL, just love this!

In the spirit of one of the comments: I think it behooves us to start a compilation of Christian "Sniglets", and your three are the first ones!

I included this link for any of you who might have missed the whole sniglet revolution. We still talk in sniglets at my house ... I must have three of the books ... and "carpetuation" and "regnition" are all too common occurrences.

So, as Red Green would say: "Carpe Ductum" -- seize the tape....

First, a bit of background. Follow this link to the Wikipedia article on "Sniglet" (Wikipedia being a form of Sniglet itself!). If you can get to the library and find some of the old Sniglet books, please do it. Better yet, find them in a used book store and buy them.

But be forewarned: do not read Sniglets while drinking any beverage that would damage your sinuses, or without a stop in the powder room first. And, as my sister told me recently concerning a Dave Barry article she was forwarding: do not read them when at work or when listening to someone on the phone (unless, of course, you don't mind folks knowing that you're not doing what they think you're doing).

Now, what I'm proposing is that we call them Sniglians.

I'm fairly confident that we can get a great list of Sniglians compiled. But I have only one rule: they must be in good taste, friends. Things of humor that folks will be able to relate to because they have experienced or witnessed it themselves.

Let the compilations begin!

Giggling with Papa

p.s. I won't include Prodigal Jon's three words unless he adds them here in the comments ... which I'm hoping he will do. :^)


AbiSomeone said...

Well, while I'm waiting for Jon to (hopefully) share his three, I just made one up at Jesus Creed:

descrationalization: the process of trying to make a rationalization acceptable by saying it is really just a description of one's perceived truth.

And my comment is now out of purgatory ... so that is a good sign!

Matt Stone said...

Well, I have a couple Ive made up over the years:


I hope the first two are reasonably self explanatory. The third word is a combo of "eschatology", which is about end times stuff and "scatology", which is a technical name for the study of feces. Very useful for talking about Left Behind s***, particularly that disseminated by fundi websites.

Matt Stone said...

Oh, a related phrase was "suppository preaching".

AbiSomeone said...

Matt -- ROFLOL, brother....