Monday, April 28, 2008

The Abbess Is Also A Deputy

Well, The Abbess has been having entirely too much fun with the Jesus Creeders over at the One T Saloon. (They serve up a mighty tasty Sarsaparilla....)

What? You never heard of the One T?

You may remember this post last week on the discussion Scot was leading about John Stackhouse's book Finally Feminist. Well, it got even better as we went along, and at comment #109, I started fingering my Deputy badge in my virtual vest pocket. Down in #112, since my suggestion wasn't taken very kindly, I gave that badge a quick shine before I pinned it on and spun a little parable in #114. (The comment number on that post reached 142!)

Scot McKnight was kind enough to encourage me to rework comment #114, removing the specifics of that thread, and lay out this parable as a characterization of the Jesus Creed Blog culture. He wanted to post it on his blog and even went so far as to make a new post category, "Rule of JCreed," to which he (and the Deputies) might direct new folk wanting to understand what Jesus Creeders mean when they talk about comment "tone." You can read it here. ;^)

What would we do without a healthy sense of humor? My goodness ... some folks just need to get over themselves!

Rocking a spell on the One T porch with Papa.


sonja said...

I absolutely LOVED that parable, Peggy ... you nailed it in your own inimitable fashion!!

sonja said...

Oh ... and btw ... I read it first thing this morning with a great big grin on my face!

AbiSomeone said...

Thank you, sister. Glad to help your day start with a smile.

We're still having fun over in the comments. Hehehe ;^)