Saturday, February 14, 2009

The HMS HESED as Missional Order

It was striking to me, as I was preparing my 40 Days of cHesed posts this week, that the image God gave me (back in the summer of 2003) of an aircraft carrier is so very much like a missional order ... like CovenantClusters.

The thing that is most striking to me is that the HESED is a ship where you live and serve ... not a place you go to serve. But that ship is on the move ... is in not anchored in a harbor.

So it is with the Body of Christ. It is not a sacred place, but a sacred people ... making sacred each place where they are.

...this is a powerful reminder to me of many things -- not the least of which is that God sometimes tells me things in my "now" that I won't really make complete sense until years later. Very much like seed planting, this. God planted a seed that was a pretty little plant six years ago ... but it is turning out to be something much more than I thought.

How very much like Sarayu....

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