Tuesday, February 24, 2009

40 Days of cHesed—Day 36

WEEK 6 – Evangelism: You Were Made For a Mission

[Not only will this "week" start on a Tuesday, but it is really only five days long! Day 40 will post on next Monday, March 2nd.]

Day 36 Made for a Mission

Life on the HESED can seem like an end in itself! So much for so many to do—just to keep it running. While we know our final destination transcends this life, we cannot forget that there are two critical mission efforts which all those thousands of tasks support each and every day: the dozens of planes in the aircraft squadron and the hundreds of boats in the search and rescue fleet.

We call them the front line because, well, that’s what they are. And every member of the crew takes regular tours of duty at the front—so that they remember the purpose for what they do on the carrier!

As we prepare to take you to the front these next few days, the Captain (the Holy Spirit) wants us to share the mission statement and goals of the HESED:

  • Every function on board supports the mission—directly or indirectly.

    • While some functions and crewmembers are more visible, there are no functions or crewmembers more important than any other—all are necessary for successful completion of the mission.

      • Every person on board (crew or civilian) has some task to accomplish each day.

      • Civilians receive their crew insignia after being properly initiated.

      • Every member of the crew takes regular tours of duty at the front.

  • Each duty station provides an essential training exercise for the crew—foundational to the process of building dynamic, authentic community. Cross training is highly encouraged.

    • Authentic community is built through living each day by the crew’s Code of Conduct—summarized by the name of the carrier: HESED.

      • Remember, hesed is about taking the proper action (serve, submit and lead) with the proper attitude (love, grace and mercy.)

      • That code of conduct is simple enough for everyone to learn and understand—but requires disciplined effort and the power of God to practice and do well.

Today’s Look at 1 John

These last five days, we’ll re-read each week’s passage—one each day. Read 1 John 1:1 through 2:11. Consider the importance of understanding this passage to accomplishing the goals of the Mission Statement and for living by the Code of Conduct.

Getting In Shape

We are almost finished! Five weeks down, five days to go. So, how’s your conditioning? We’ve been praying that you’ve been getting stronger each week:

  • That the level of intimacy in your relationship with God has deepened.

  • That your spiritual muscles are strong yet limber.

  • That you are getting more comfortable with riding in the back than driving.

  • That you’ve connected with others and experienced the power of authentic community.

  • That God has begun to show you the simplicity and power of his covenant purpose.

Now is the time to put what you’ve learned into action. Share the joy of riding with the Holy Spirit driving. Let others know there is a seat waiting for them, too – add a trailer on to your bike and give them a taste! Teach them the things you’ve learned about getting in shape to ride with God. Because we’re not alone on the road. God’s got a caravan riding to Glory – and he doesn’t want anyone to get left behind!

We’re at the top of the long hill we’ve been climbing. Now it’s time for a glance at the panoramic view of our journey—what a sight!

Are you ready for the rush? Here we go—hang on!

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