Thursday, February 19, 2009

40 Days of cHesed—Day 33

Day 33 How Real Servants Act

The only way to know how real servants act is to actually see them in action. When most of the activity takes place out of our personal view, we can sometimes forget everything that is going on.

If we are going to accept our assignment, unwrap our gifts and use them to accomplish God’s purpose, we’ve got to get a view of the bigger picture.

Have you stopped to think about all those tasks on the carrier HESED? Before we wonder about the assignment we want, let’s spend some time observing those crew members serving right now.

Carrier Activity



Huge responsibilities require great skill, discipline and constant communication. Very high stress assignment. Teamwork.

Flight deck

Everyone performs a critical part, from pilots to signalmen. Procedures must be followed to the letter to ensure success. Very high stress assignment. Teamwork.

Search and Rescue

The job is different with each day, with each vessel and crew and with each group of individuals rescued. Can be high stress or can be very pleasant—depending on conditions. Teamwork.

Maintenance Deck/Hangars

Everyone performs a critical part, to ensure the planes are in good repair and flight ready. Procedures must be followed to the letter to ensure success. High stress assignment. Teamwork.

Engineering/ Propulsion

Highly technical tasks requiring precision planning and excellent communication skills—mistakes here can be fatal. Teamwork.


Lots of details coordinated to ensure availability of supplies. Some hazardous materials, but mostly common supplies. Teamwork.

Mess Hall

Relaxed atmosphere between those serving and those eating. Some of the best times of the day spent here. Teamwork.


Feeding up to 5,000 people three meals a day takes lots of work—and creativity, but these folks seem to enjoy it. Teamwork.

Sick Bay

Duties can be light or heavy, depending on number/condition of newly rescued persons and crew injuries. Staff kind and gentle. Teamwork.

Training Centers/ meeting rooms

Instructors on wide variety of topics teaching frequently—can be intensive. Good interaction with students enjoyable for all. Teamwork.

Recreation Centers

Teamwork. Relaxed atmosphere with only friendly competition.

Living Quarters

Interpersonal relationships central—can be stressful. Teamwork.


Lots to do all the time here. Attention to detail important. Teamwork.

As you look over these descriptions, do you notice anything they share in common? Well, they all provide some kind of service that supports the mission. They all have to give and receive help from each other—teamwork. And they all are responsible to initiate proper actions with proper attitudes.

Hey…does that sound familiar?

It should. Serve, submit and lead are the three kinds of actions that represent covenant keeping. And the HMS HESED is on a mission of covenant keeping: the reconciliation of all humanity with God and with each other.

The only way to accomplish the mission is if the crew of the HESED faithfully practices hesed.

Today’s Look at 1 John

Read 1 John 4:7-21. While you’re reading, consider the impact to the HESED if her crew said they were committed to the team but were unwilling to offer each other help when actually needed.

Keep Breathing!

Boy, stretching isn’t always pleasant! Sometimes it hurts to stretch tight and tired muscles. Sometimes we’d rather whine about things than take the right actions.

The coach says “Time for another cleansing breath.” As you exhale, remember to stretch out and take every joy or concern (for ourselves or for others) to God first, so that he can share the moment, begin to heal the suffering, or encourage steadfastness. Thank God for his love—and ask him to stretch you so you will consistently love your brothers and sisters.

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