Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Scot McKnight and The Shack

Friends, Scot McKnight just posted a link to an important review of The Shack. Derek Keefe (in Christianity Today on July 10th) titled his review: Reading in Good Faith. IMHO, this should be required reading for anyone who has ever commented on any book--critics and supporters.

Abi suggests that you read the review first and then follow the comments over at Jesus Creed. It should be interesting to see how the conversation goes over there ... my comment was #2.

And Brother Keefe...you'd fit in just fine over at Scot McK's One T Saloon, partner. Well done!


mariam said...

Hi Peggy,

I've been away for a bit but was pleased to see when I came back your posts on original sin and "the Shack" on Jesus Creed. I am sorry I missed the discussion on original sin because it is something I have wrestled with - not in terms of my own beliefs - original sin isn't part of my "creed" but in terms of reconciling with others on it. You might have gathered that I like to find common ground with people:) Anyway, I really like the way that you interpreted it. It's not exactly how I interpret it, but I could certainly feel comfortable with your viewpoint.

I did enjoy The Shack. I thought it was well written and, as I mentioned, emotionally it resonated very strongly with me.

My daughter is in hospital right now in the Eating Disorders Unit and is, I hope, making slow but steady progress. She has had gastro-intestinal problems, including a 6-week bout of diarrhea which has left her magnesium and potassium stores low but she hasn't lost any more weight - which is at least something. She has been diagnosed with IBS which is going to make it even harder when she gets home to keep up the eating regime, as there are so many things which seem to irritate her gut - mostly her favourite "safe" food like raw veggies and fruit and milk products. She can eat all the white bread, white rice and mashed potatoes she likes (LOL) and isn't too happy about that. She also has to cut out coffee so that will also be tough for my little barista. She has been attending the United Church next door to the hospital, which I think would be a good place for her to start, friendly non-judgmental, non-doctrinaire congregation who are big into community involvement and "alternative" forms of worship. My church is starting a "community meal" program in the fall and she is asking if she can help out with that. She is a sweet girl, eager to help and I am hoping that involvement through these churches in some of these programs helps her to feel as if she is contributing - and that some of the spiritual stuff rubs off as well:) I am grateful for your prayers, Sister.

AbiSomeone said...

Thank you for visiting, Mariam, and for giving me a more in-depth update on you and on your daughter.

Just wondering...are there any really good sources of raw milk in your neck of the woods? And are you or any of your medical professionals up to looking at the health benefits it brings? Just "Dr. Mom" sticking her nose in here.... ;^)

Well, the discussion on original sin continues, since Scot is not yet finished with the book -- so there may still be time for you to chime in! I am gratified to know that my viewpoint was intelligible to you. :^) I grieve at how complicated so many have made our relationship with God. Sigh....

I am glad you enjoyed The Shack. I felt that you would. As someone else mentioned at Jesus Creed, those who have processed deep grief cannot help but resonate with it!

I am grateful to know how to better pray for you and your daughter in the current situation. Do keep me posted as God shows up, won't you?

Shalom to you and yours....

mariam said...

Thanks, Peggy:)