Monday, July 28, 2008

Coming Soon: Abi's Series on Perichoresis!

Well, friends ... the time is approaching when The Abbess will finally begin to process her thoughts about perichoresis!

My friends Sonja Andrews and Patrick Oden asked me to contribute an article to the August edition of The Porpoise Diving Life, which is dedicated to Patrick's book: It's A Dance: Moving with the Spirit. (You'll notice I have added it to my list of recommended books!)

The theme they have chosen is "Perichoresis versus Hierarchy or Power" ... and it was just the thing Abi needed to get focused. My article is titled: Freedom Dances. What a surprise--NOT!

So, stay tuned--because I'll be blogging in August about my article and using it as the introduction to a series on perichoresis. I'll probably include some thoughts I had from reading Patrick's book, too. And may even get into some stuff from The Shack.

In the meantime I would recommend you subscribe to the monthly PDF e-zine NOW, so you'll get your copy delivered to you when it comes out!

Dance on....


grace said...

I have a feeling that you will also really like Viola's latest, reimagining church. He strongly emphasizes the nature of trinity and the relationship of the church in the context of their relationship. Frank reviewed The Shack on his blog today (Reimagining Church).

I look forward to reading your article and more of what you have to say on this topic.

AbiSomeone said...


Thanks for stopping by and for the heads up about Viola's book and review of The Shack. I'll be sure to check out the review ... but I'm about "booked-out" and really, really ready to get going. I think a Kairos time portal is about to open.... ;^)