Saturday, July 5, 2008

Abi's take on small group ministries .... stay tuned!

Just a quick post, now that I'm back from Napa and a visit to my sister ... Hi Wendy! ... while I'm waiting for time to document the Thunderstorm Connection between Kansas City and Vancouver.

A pastor named Brian Jones, from my same roots in the Restoration Movement, has a very interesting blog and an interesting post from a few weeks back on what to do with comatose small group ministries. Pull the plug...euthanize them, he suggests.

Hmmm ... well the Abbess was just thinking about this the other day while reading Cole's Search and Rescue -- which I'll also get around to blogging about one of these days -- and I left a fairly long comment ... and then found out that he set the blog to "moderate comments" while he's gone for three weeks of summer camp, returning July 14th.

So this is a reminder to me to go back later and see what other comments have been waiting in blog pergatory ... and an invitation for you to have a gander at his blog and that series of posts. He strikes me as a good guy ... and that bodes well for the folks in the Stone-Campbell movement.

I was going to copy and paste my comment here, but it was lost in "comment moderation" before I could capture it ... so you'll have to wait right along with me!

...I'll be back real soon.



Janet Woodlock said...

Interesting links Peggy.

I put this link on Al and Deb's blog too... it's satire of course, but does reflect the idea that small groups initiated by the church leaders (top down) can just create "pseudo communities"... and those of us who have been around for a while know this in our bones anyway.

AbiSomeone said...

And Larknews is outrageous! LOL ... except for the fact that it is all too true. :^(

I am more and more convinced that the Life Transformation Groups from Neil Cole's books are really the way to go at the cellular/grass roots level. I'll be articulating more about that soon.

Thanks for popping in!