Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sin: A Reflection

Jonathan has an interesting reflection on sin as missing out on life today (please do go over and read it, or my response won't make at much sense) ... and it prompted this reflection from The Abbess:


I would suggest that you have just understood what "missing the mark" truly means (after all, it does come from an archery term ;) ) -- because God is at the center of the "target" and the "arrow" is our lives and when we "shoot", we are releasing and "spending" our life.

The point about "sin" is that it is the "call from the ref" that our aim is not spot on, as it were ... and the point about Jesus coming is to give us help -- both in recognizing the "target" (being like Christ) and in our "aim" (by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit -- our "coach" as it were).

We are, each day and in each opportunity to live like Christ in all our encounters and relations, somewhat like an archer with "living arrows" -- and it is up to us to allow the Holy Spirit to help us "spend" our arrows by training us to identify on the proper target, strengthen our "arms" to the task, focus by shutting out the distractions of the "world", and waiting for just the right time to "let 'er fly."

...thanks for prompting this reflection. I may have to post this at "home."

...worth pondering some more, I'm sure, but it is a very cHesed concept and one in which I am hoping you'll want to join me!


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