Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lurkers....NOT Stalkers!

I saw one of my friends at a meeting this morning, who mentioned that she was a "stalker" of The Virtual Abbess.


When I suggested that she might have meant "lurker".... sure enough, that was what she meant.


She also mentioned that The Abbess seems to have a high rate of "insider" commentary and terminology that were challenging to her...but she still enjoyed, lurking here and that she was getting more familiar with some of my "Abi-isms" that she has encountered with me IRL.

So, I would like to greet all of you out there LURKING (especially Annette ;^) ) and say that I am happy to have you as quiet companions on this journey...and that I don't mean to be exclusive by the terms I use. I mentioned to my friend that I am working on defining my terms...but realized that these would be terms that I want to define, which may not always be the terms YOU want defined. The point is to make our journey together more pleasant (and less confusing)!

Therefore, The Abbess would like to extend to each of you--lurkers and commenters--an open invitation to ask me to define any terms that you don't understand or would like to have clarified. You can leave these requests in whatever post you encounter the term (helps with context ;^) ) or you can leave them in this post. I may have to open the forum over at The Scriptorium for this purpose...hmmm....

Thanks for the heads-up, friend--the Abbess always wants to be inclusive... even though she has a very long history of telling inside jokes ;^)

Be blessed.


Annette said...

Hi, my name is Annette, and i am a lurker. Thanks for the invite to chime in... I have just been blessed to read your honest thoughts on life in God! Just didn't get some of the references... didn't feel excluded, just ignorant. : ) Thanks for living your life "real" and passionately pursuing what God has for you - it encourages my heart! (and i don't mean that in a Christiany way... it's authentically how i feel!) (oh, and i really don't like hitting the shift key so i like to keep my "i" lowercase)

AbiSomeone said...

Hello, Annette! The Abbess is so honored you "un-lurked" for a moment to share your most welcome words of encouragement... and hopes you will feel less ignorant with the addition of a number of the recent "historical" posts! ;^)

And no worries about lower case... lots of blog folk don't use the "shift" key either! :^) It would mess me up not to use it...been typing for a living for waaaay toooo looong!