Thursday, November 1, 2007

Have you joined the onehitwonder phenemenon?

What's a dollar worth to you?

Currently 729 million people have internet access. Imagine if just 1% of these people were willing to get involved & give one dollar. That would amount to over 7 million dollars to give away. Not bad for a measly dollar!

Yesterday, Alan Hirsch tagged me to become a part of the onehitwonder phenemon. As I have been pondering the day...Reformation Day and seemed like this was an appropriate thing to do and to extend the challenge to anyone visiting the I did--and I am.
  • Check it out and if you're inspired, then please participate.
  • Then spread the word by passing it only takes a spark... (sorry, I am old ;^) and I always liked that song)
The extra great thing that they do after you donate is provide an opportunity for you to designate where your dollar will be spent and what kind of donation you want to support (food, clothing, medicine, education, micro-loans, etc.)

These people have their priorities straight. May God inspire his children everywhere with generous "virtual" hearts!

...freely you have received, freely give....


alan hirsch said...

These guys are so excited to see how far this will go. Imagine that starting something raises $7mill for the poor. What a buzz!

brad brisco said...

Peggy, I'm in, should be very exciting to see were this goes!