Monday, April 12, 2010

The Virtual Abbess and the iMonk....

Like thousands of others, I did not know Michael Spencer IRL -- I knew him mostly as the Internet Monk, or iMonk.  His rapid journey through the valley of the shadow of death these past four months has found me looking in at his blog more often than I have before.  I have not been disappointed.  If you haven't read what's been up over there during the past few days, please get a box of tissues (or an old cloth diaper, my favorite) and spend a couple of hours reading.  Really.

I am not sure what would bring me to blog about what's happening in my journey over the past year, but the loss of the iMonk just might do it.  We'll see.  So much about so many things that have been quietly filling up spaces in my heart and mind might be ready to be shared.  Or not. Yet.

In God's good time, eh?

In the meantime I join those who struggle with the paradox of sorrow and joy that accompanies the death of one of the saints (what I call the Christian Hasidim).  As C.S. Lewis said (and I so often quote):  we have been granted a severe mercy -- as severe as death and as merciful as love.

Rest in peace, iMonk ... and may Sarayu and Sophia wrap his wife and family and friends in the shawl of the peace that passes understanding.


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