Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Abi's Entry to Don's "What if" Challenge

I've had Donald Miller's blog in my Google Reader for a while now.  I have a great appreciation for what he has to say -- and how he says it -- even though I have not read any of his books.  (I am confident he won't take that personally because, well, he doesn't  know me and probably will never see this post ... and will forgive this poor abbess who doesn't have the time to read as she would like.)

The other day he had an amazing post up about acting on our "what if" scenarios ... and followed it up today with a challenge.  A challenge which I am taking.  Here.  In this post.

Well, at least I'm starting.  Now.

His point is this:  what if we actually starting acting on some of our "what if" thoughts and dreams.  Not the ones we cannot control ... like, what if I had a billion dollars.  No, more like what if I did not lose my temper with any of my children today.  That would be a good one, by the way.

The deal with the challenge is to make a list of, say, five "what if" ... and then pick just one and do it for a week ... just to see what would happen.

So, since this is a blog of the Abbess of the Purple Martyrdom, I am going to suggest five "what ifs" that have to do with some of the purple things in my life over which I might be able to assert some control.  Things that I could choose to do that would address issues of weakness, both physical and spiritual.  Things which have no answer but "my grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness."  Or perhaps "when I am weak, then I am strong."
  1. What if I accepted this season as a time in the desert, when outside distractions are removed so I can hear Papa's voice more clearly?
  2. What if I actually spent 45 minutes of each hour the boys are at school doing whatever I want to do (or not do, as it were) ... and the last 15 minutes doing what I've been too depressed to start?
  3. What if I actually spent the first 15 minutes of each hour the boys are at school doing what I've been too depressed to start ... and see if I start to lose track of time while Jesus dances me through my day.
  4. What if I trusted Papa's cHesed for me ... and chose to act with deliberate affection, unmerited favor and out of duty mutually owed to whoever Papa puts in my path.
  5. What if I stopped mourning the feelings of loneliness and isolation and let Papa's love fill up a part of my tank no human can fill.
Hmmm ... how about a little tighter focus?
  1. What if I choose to do only what I see Papa doing, joining his work, in my own heart?
  2. What if I choose to say only what I hear Papa saying to me, in my own heart?
  3. What if I choose to secretly do one special thing out of love for my husband and each of my children each day?
  4. What if I choose to care for myself more intentionally, even thought my body is 10 years into various levels of atrophy and won't turn around on a dime?
  5. What is I choose to hold only thoughts and intentions of love and grace and mercy in my heart toward those who come across my path?
I don't know ... what about one more try....
  1. What if I spoke with a cheery tone?
  2. What if I looked at others with a smile (and no wrinkle between my eyebrows)?
  3. What if I listened fully to my children?
  4. What if I relaxed and trusted Papa's love for me?
  5. What if I actually got fully hydrated again?
It's getting closer, I think.

Okay ... I know this might seem weird (but you are dealing with an AbiSomeone now!), but I am going to go with hydration.  I'm going to give my body the water it needs ... and trust that the Living Water will do its work in my spirit.

There ... I've said it.  I don't drink enough water and I'm going to change that this week.

When you take a drink of water, will you pray for me ... a prompt to take a drink, too?

...and consider taking this challenge yourself!



Catherine said...

Wow. Convicting. I might just try this. Thank you. And, yes, I will pray for you as I drink my water today - and as I drink the Living Water.


AbiSomeone said...

Thank you, Catherine.

Wondering what will grow from this watering, eh?

Diane said...

Wonderful post Abi.

Did you drink more water?



AbiSomeone said...

Yes, Diane ... I did drink my allotted water -- and am sticking with it!

I will be working on the other four on that last list soon, but not until I have passed for 40 day water mark -- I figure it will take that long for my body to believe me that I'm not going to go back to my "camel" ways! ;^)