Thursday, October 2, 2008

Abi thinks a good shake-up is essential!

Here's what I had to say over at Matt Stone's blog. Do read his post and the comments, please!

Thank you for this thread and your elaboration in the comments, Matt.

It is no surprise to me that the Spirit continues to hold the launch of CovenantClusters as my own thoughts go along with yours...and we at The Abbey are those who do tend to be bridge builders and not separatists.

I was laughing to myself at the whole "homogeneous" discussion. I take a cue from nature here: milk. We don't drink homogenized milk at our home because the process turns the good fat into bad fat by breaking them down so small that they are no longer able to separate and come to the top as cream. They are, however, so small that they can leak out into places where they do damage.


However, when you leave the cream alone, it has that tendency to rise to the top. There, everyone sees that it is separating from the milk. And in order to get it back into the milk before you drink it, so that the protein and other nutrients can be properly utilized, we have to shake everything up. Yeah...we just have to get in the habit of regularly shaking things up! that cream representative of the Holy Spirit?

Sometimes cream is scooped off the top for special butter and ice cream. But these are special treats that we can use to help bring the wonder of the cream out into other areas. The non-fat milk is not wasted--it gets used to make other things that nourish the body.

Hmmm...the Abbess feels a future blog post coming on, so I'll stop blog-clogging here!

So...what does anyone out there "lurking" think about that?

I'm sure I'll be back to process it some more...but we do not "pasturize" here any more than we "homogonize"--so it will take a little time. The benefits of not killing the milk and pulverizing the cream are worth it!

Shaking it up regularly....


Brad said...

okay, so i just dropped a couple comments on Abbey Brother Matt's post so won't repeat 'em, although i will hint here that one deals with soy and the other with non-homogenization ...

see, lurkers aren't always smirkers!

rock on, Sister Abbess!

AbiSomeone said...

Read your comments at Matt's blog ... soycred cows, indeed! ;^)

And then Andrew's "udderly" comment....

I think I agree that we'll have to put something together at The Abbey that synthesizes the four experiences we all have.

...I will definitely need more brain cells firing to attempt it!

Brad said...

meanwhile, i am certain that 'soycred' was a typo.

so sorry.

should have been 'soycrud.'

please change the internet for me when you get a chance, okay?

oh. not nuff b-cells. well, okay.

do think we need something Abberian ... let's be in touch on that. no b-cells left here either.

okay bye now.

a celtic son said...
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a celtic son said...

It seemed entirely inappropriate not to drop in and add my cyberthanks to all three Abberians... you really are a quite brilliant trio and it is an honour to be a novice in the midst.


A Celtic Son

AbiSomeone said...

Dearest AbbY,

We appreciate the wanderings of our precious Celtic brother ... especially when he wanders into our neck of the blogosphere!

Luvyerwerk, mate!