Saturday, September 20, 2008

Abi Appreciates Scot McKnight's "Wholiness"

In his Weekly Meanderings today, Scot McKnight provides a link to a wonderful preview of the second half of his newest book ... the one I have just begun reading and blogging my way through -- probably lasting right up to its release in November.

Please take the time to read Scot's lead article, "Women Ministering", in the August edition of E-Quality. This is an wonderful example of exactly what I will be highlighting as I work my way through The Blue Parakeet: Scot brings a welcome and timely sense of appropriately detached wholeness (wholiness? :^) ) to our study of the Bible, where we are reminded that "Bereans" are to strive to look out through God's eyes, not slap God's name onto our, all too frequently distorted, view of the Kingdom.

The Abbess, a sometime deputy over at Scot's "One T Saloon", is grateful for his no-nonsense, truth-telling, fair-playing ways.


Diane said...

Hi Peggy,

I too am looking forward to reading Scot's book. I looked at yoour blogging blues blogs. I understand what you mean about making yourself transparent on a blog and worrying that people won't love you anymore. But at least a blog allows us (we hope!) to consider our words.

AbiSomeone said...

Hello, Diane!

Yes, a blog allows us to consider our words and frame our context -- and those who love us for who we are hang in there with us, regardless. ;^)

Mostly, I've learned that I don't have enough traffic on my blog to worry about it! LOL! :^)

Hope Nick's ankle is healing up....

Diane said...

And I love you Peggy!

(You probably have way more lurkers than you think!)


AbiSomeone said...


I don't know whether you remember my comment over at Jesus Creed a while back (I don't even remember the post!), but I suggested that all the lurkers out there should just comment "Here!" just to see how many there were...and further suggested that it would totally clog Scot's server and have the largest comments count of all time!, I don't have the tools (or, more probably, I don't know how to use them) to track traffic. I only know that over 700 have looked at my profile (I know that I account for maybe 75 of the total count).

I'm not going to think about it ... I guess it's just like in real life, where people are always observing you and listening to what you're saying, even when you're unaware that they are around. ( my boys!)

If that doesn't cause a moment of pause and a desire for circumspection, I don't know what would! ;^)

Love you right back, sister!