Sunday, January 1, 2012

Abi's New Year Blessing....

This has been a challenging year ... following on the heels of a challenging decade ... but this wee purple abbess finds herself looking to the New Year with peace -- a kind of peace that has been growing in the corners and edges and other out-of-the way places ... the places where Father cHesed is always at work, looking out faithfully for my best interest.

This is my first post from my tablet ... may be my last, we'll see, eh?  I have fully grown to appreciate my tablet, but it is not as good for creating documents as my computer.  That's fine -- it makes itself useful in so many other ways.

I have been doing some important reading and writing and ruminating -- and I feel confident that it will find its way here, so stay tuned.

For those of you who have been catching up on previous posts, it has been gratifying to know that you have found things of interest in the archives.

May you grow in your awareness of Father's amazing love for you, right where you -- exactly as you are.

May you grow in your understanding of Jesus as God incarnate -- so that you will grow more into his likeness as you follow him on the Kingdom Way.

May you grow in your recognition of the voice of the Holy Spirit as she leads you in the Truth -- so that you may know that you are part of the Great Dance and hear the music and see the great many who dance to the same sweet song.

Be blessed.