Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have you heard of Fronting?

Well, I have learned another new term today:  fronting.  It is so new that Wikipedia doesn't have it!  So I had to go to Urban Dictionary to find it! 

My nephew's wife has given the definition a bit of a spin (this is from her "about me" on her blog):

to be a successful fronter you have to be honest, give credit where it's due, and ultimately love yourself as the fronter you are. 

I can see that this will take me a little bit of time to process well ... because it is coming at life from a completely different tack than I'm on.  Or maybe it's just another way to say the same thing?  Hmmm....

Perhaps it's an important cross-cultural opportunity?   I tend to be on a bit of a counter-cultural bent as of late, so this concept is challenging for me.  But I can see that there are nuances that I need to ponder.

My nieces and nephews (via Facebook, mostly) are helping me get up to speed as my children are entering the teen years ... I have been way off the map and my learning curve is pretty steep. ;^)

Have you heard of this term? 

Help me, AbbE ... I'm fairly confident you know something about this....



Alice Y. said...

Yes, heard of it. Fronting a band would mean being the main vocalist, the one who does most of the talking to the audience at gigs, someone who puts themselves and their message across well.

Fronting in a less worthy context could mean conspiring in deception: fronting for a teenage friend might mean hiding what they are doing at their implicit or explicit request - saying they are with you if phoned to ask when you know they are actually seeing their disapproved lover or whatever.

Best wishes with it. Mine's still a toddler but I have always had some sympathy for the old times practice of routinely fostering out or apprenticing teenagers. Sometimes it's much easier for everyone if someone who didn't wipe their bum is in loco parentis.

AbiSomeone said...

LOL, Alice!

And yet this use of "fronting" has a bit of a different twist. I'm still processing it....

And I think it goes to the way the young people now say outrageous things -- followed by "just kidding" or "jk" ... I am talking with my boys about the difference between kidding and lying, which can be quite subtle.