Friday, May 28, 2010

Thoughts on Women and Men who "Get" Relationship

Processing lots of thoughts these days...and entered the discussion over at Jesus Creed today.  Scot wonders why studies consistently show that women are more religious than men, and I responded this way:

Perhaps it is that women believe that God both hears and understands them and values them enough to offer intimate relationship and personal empowering by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

They might also believe Paul (following Jesus) when he talks about how men are to behave:  laying down their lives for their wives, as Christ did for the church.  This is something that engenders hope where there is frequently despair and oppression.

There are men who want to view Jesus through a power/command paradigm, and so are drawn to religion.  There are also some who get the servant nature of God, and are drawn to relationship.

But it is really true that woman "get" relationship more readily than men ... and so resonate with a God who is so devoted to relationship as to embody frail humanity in order to live among us.

Men who value being loved unconditionally while being drawn to Jesus as the example of being fully human are, in my experience, the ones who embrace and encourage the sisters to fully engage in the life that God offers us in Jesus.
Dying to self is not for wimps.  Neither is giving birth and raising children.  Marriage is the first relationship where God asks us to die to self.  Parenting is the next step.  God is the perfect model for both relationships -- walking the talk in earth in the body of Jesus.
Taking things one moment at a time -- trying to live in kairos time with Papa, knowing that this is the only way I'll survive chronos time with those around me.

Be blessed....

Oh, and while I'm at it, stay tuned for the release of Wiki2.  I am excited to finally see it.  What I've been hearing sounds awesome.


Ted M. Gossard said...

I saw this, Peggy, on Jesus Creed, and really appreciated it. I think you're so right. Sin changes not only how we humans act, but the image we embrace as to how we're to act. Only in and through Jesus do we find the difference which we all need. Which comes through surrender and ongoing surrender of ourselves to him.

AbiSomeone said...

Thanks, Ted, for visiting and for your encouraging comment.

The Prodigal Prophet said...

I'm just back from visiting a New Age festival - my first one and I feel a deep sadness. Many middle aged ladies are paying big bucks to receive readings from angels, spirit guides old uncle Tom Cobbly and all. There is such a hunger out there for spiritual intimacy - the male dominated 'church' of all shades has missed what it's all about. A bit like the Mary Martha thing.In my experience ladies are much more sensitive to Spirit and His manifestations, while men want to play power religion or being one of Jesus' buddies!

AbiSomeone said... very true, when people are searching to get filled and those who have been playing "gate keeper" to the Bread of Life/Living Water just don't get it.

It is truly sad, but the light shines much brighter in the darkness, eh? Thank you for reflecting the Light of the World in your neck of the woods, brother!