Saturday, February 6, 2010

Moderation in all things ... Bummer!

The Abbess awoke this morning to find a string of spam comments not in English on 20 different post from the past.  Well, there was ONE word in English that was common to them ... and it is not one you would expect to appear on the blog of an Abbess, virtual or no.

What a drag.

So, it appears, that this blog will now have to be set to moderation ON.  :^(

No big deal, really, since we are not a spot for rapid repartee...



John said...

Peg, try adding Akismet to your plug-ins. It seems to keep out most of the spam. And you can also add keyword spam protection. I had to do that recently for a string drug-related terms (viagra, etc..). Not sure why I bother though - I think Cynthia is the only one who reads my blog :-) JL

AbiSomeone said...

Thanks, John...I'll see if my brain is up to figuring it out.

And I read your blog faithfully, John. I just have gotten past the stage when I felt compelled to comment on everything that resonated with me. ;^)