Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blind Beggar in Need of Prayer!

Just in case any of you have not already heard about our fellow Seabeck blogger and MT Instigator, Rick Meigs, please read Brother Maynard's post about his motorcycle accident on Saturday.

He is currently in stable yet critical condition in Boise, ID. Broken right arm and collarbone and a few ribs on the mend; ruptured spleen removed, liver looking okay; punctured lung still requiring ventilator; no brain or spinal column damage detected.

Lord, have mercy on our dear brother ... be near to him and his family ... touch them all with your love and grace and mercy -- healing body, mind and spirit.



the muse said...

Hi Virtual Abbess
I am a friend of the Meigs from Portland. Our church community is in continual prayer for our dear Rick and Fran.
Thank you for posting this on your blog, which BTW I am enjoying as I explore the concept of purple martyrdom. And, anger is the great clincher isn't it? My issue as well dear friend.
Hope I can get to know you.
Blessings dear sister
Patti am a neophyte blogger need a stronger sense of identity)

AbiSomeone said...

Hello, Patti! Thank you for your kind words and for stopping to comment.

So very many all over the world are in prayer for the Meigs family in this most trying time. I keep track of their situation at the special journal they set up. The news is grim, indeed, but our God is powerful and merciful. We must lean into that truth as we wait, and wait and wait....

Rich has been an especially important encourager of mine as I process CovenantClusters and Missional Orders related stuff. I pray that he will be returned to us all in good time. In the meantime, we all are doing our best to be there for him.

Anger is an important concept to be processing when things are so far out of our control, isn't it? I had not planned that ... but that is not new to me! ;^)

I am so happy to have you exploring my wee blog and all things purple ... be blessed and welcomed here -- and perhaps our paths will cross again in the blogosphere as well as IRL. :^)