Friday, May 22, 2009

Abi on the cover of Next-Wave!

Well, well, well ... as I live and breathe! You just never know where things will end up, eh?

May has been an interesting month ... more about that another time, maybe. But I did get into a very interesting series of conversations about many purple things. And as we were launching the invitation to participate in Taking Flight, I was primed for other discussions about setting the sisters free to serve in the Kingdom.

And it got my wee purple article on the Cover of the May 09 issue of the Next-Wave ezine.

It's all Sonja's fault ... hehehe.

So, please do click the link and take a look. All the links for the background are there. And the lead article is the perfect follow on. You'd think God knew what he was doing ... ;^)



Matt Stone said...

Good going. Actually, I was thinking, your blog could do with a permanent page on the purple martyrdom for newcomers.

AbiSomeone said...

What a great idea, Matt...I'll get working on that! S

ometimes I feel that I'm lucky to get anything posted, much less making it easier for folks to find stuff.

Thank you for helping your old abbess out, mate

Janet Woodlock said...

Congratulations Abi... just read your article and commented!

Sigh... invisible woman syndrome is alive and well in the institutional church (and in the world) so it's great to have some voices about this on publications like Next Wave.

Love Janet

AbiSomeone said...

Thank you, Janet, for your encouragement and for your helpful comment over at Next-Wave.

Is that publication something that you regularly read?