Friday, January 2, 2009

40 Days of cHesed...looking into 2009 by looking back to 2003

[Note: This work is adapted from a Journey Guide I wrote which was used in conjunction with a 40 Days of Purpose campaign in October of 2003. It was designed to follow Warren’s campaign but not use any of his materials—I adapted this (with permission) to fit the goals, objectives and doctrine of my local congregation. I have removed most of the things that would identify it as such, while leaving chapter titles and weekly heading mostly as they were.

I have been on quite a journey since I wrote this over five years ago … yet much of this was foundational for where I’ve been going. I put it in this form to help those who are wondering how I got to this point in my journey and to help break down cHesed and put in into context.]

* * * * * * *

I have decided to start 2009 with this glance back to a very significant experience in my life. Writing this document began in early July and was finished in early September. It was one of those kairos moments in my life that is not explainable in chronos terms....

Since my life has been truly transformed by a deeper understanding of covenant and covenant keeping, I invite you to take a 40 day journey (Mondays through Fridays) to see what Abi has come to hold as foundational. I left in the original weekly titles because they are sometimes mentioned in the devotionals (and they will help you track how my work was different from Warren's, if you are interested) ... but they will be a wee bit abi-normal, as we will be on an eight week schedule. ;^)

As you begin this journey with me, ask God to open your heart to what the Holy Spirit wants to do in your life in these 40 days—that’s the only way to guarantee that you won’t be disappointed! Embrace these eight five-day weeks with expectancy not expectation!

The activities scheduled for these 40 Days of cHesed include:

  • Daily devotions.
  • A plan for reading through the book of 1 John—one section for each of the first seven weeks and a review of the entire book during the last week. This will be a “big picture” view, not a verse-by-verse study. We won’t necessarily be dividing our reading exactly by chapters, but by thoughts. (The Bible wasn’t written with chapter and verse divisions—people made those divisions later…and some of their choices weren’t the greatest.)
  • Our weekly Getting In Shape section will focus on my Learning to Walk with God exercises.
  • Each day will include a Keep Breathing! section to “coach” you through that week’s exercise in prayer.

So, stop back on Monday and we'll get started!

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