Thursday, November 6, 2008

The problems of being "virtual".....

Update: Firewall Man, after about 15 hours in three sessions, was successful in ferreting out all the horrible monsters trying to use the Abbess at a bot base of attach! Hurray! I have some add-on programs to add back, as some of them were hacked into and used to bring in Trojans. Abi is now, gratefully, caught up with virtual life ... and only missed two appointments while her electronic calendar was not available. ;^)

* * * * * * *

Well, it has finally happened...the Abbess has gotten a virus. No, the the one that had everyone else in my house vomiting over the past two weeks. The one that is trying to destroy my computer.

The good news is that I am married to Firewall Man :^) ... the bad news is that Firewall Man says that I cannot even turn on my computer until he has a fix ready to eradicate those viral attachers :^( ...

So, here I am at the Library--finished with Google Reader--and decided to let any of you know who are wondering where I am and why I'm not responding to e-mail or Twittering along.


Another aspect of the purple martyrdom, I suppose.




Brad said...

Boo-hiss on virusiss!

And thank the Lord for Firewall Man, who can block the spread of corruption of evil hackdom and restore ennoblement for the good kingdom.

Well done Firewall Man, in applying your superpowers to the Need of the Moment. Hoorah!

(To paraphrase the movie *Mystery Men* - "I BELIEVE in the superpowers of my teammates!"

Janet Woodlock said...

I've been doing exam supervision recently, and the school was hit with a virus so bad that everyone's computers will probably have to be wiped and formatted from scratch... it's just too hard to eliminate any other way.

Owchie.. and it's a school where every secondary student has a lap top. Makes one weep.

Whatever gets into the head of people who write such toxic viruses I'll never know.

The superior powers of Firewall Man have saved the day in this case!

AbiSomeone said...

Yes, Firewall Man thinks there is a special place in Hell for hackers and virus/spyware designers....

I am weeping with you for the school and students. What a traumatic experience. It can, however, be a powerful learning tool, if done well. The world wide web is a dangerous place for children (young and old!), indeed.

We're trying out Kaspersky Lab's program. It's supposed to be the best out there.

FNLboy said...

Thank you for words, Lord. Encouragement is so rare, at least the authentic sort, in our time. I am strengthened to know you are there. Keep on notice-ing the fine fibers of Gods handi-work and calling me to look.