Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some links about The Shack....

Updated update ... you must watch this video of Paul speaking at a church last week. You must.

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There have been lots of things popping up about The Shack lately. Here's a couple of links:

This one is from The Columbian. Some new insights come out -- especially that the "Missy" character is also a representation of the author, in addition to Mack. Read this article, please!

And Bob Hyatt has a whole bunch of posts on his blog about talking with Paul. Don't miss any of them.

Update: just finished listening to the OPB interview. Please take the time to listen!


Diane said...

Hi Peggy.

I just finished The Shack and loved it.

Also, I've picked you to be part of my meme. For more information, go to my blog at

AbiSomeone said...


Can't wait to read what you have to say about the book!

And you'll be able to read my response to the meme in today's post.