Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Abi's Lent: Day 29

...and Day 16 of the flu. My precious husband has fallen to the evil virus as well. He is on Day 4. I am confident he will recover more quickly, but our home is a little, well, subdued. :^(

Chapter 17 in The Jesus Creed is called A Society of Joy. Scot uses the Wedding at Cana to build some on the previous chapter 's talk about Jesus as the source of our purity. The large water pots that were central to this miracle were the ones that were used for ceremonial purification rites. This was sacred water that Jesus turned into sacred wine. Drinking the sacred wine of Jesus, provided so abundantly, purifies and brings joy -- the joy of hearts contented.

Jesus is the Bread of Heaven and he is also the Sacred Wine of the New Covenant. The "food" that he offers in himself is abundant and makes all things pure ... and brings the only joy that satisfies that gnawing hunger deep in our souls.

Scot went on to say that Church Potlucks are Signs of this sign for the church. The coming together of everyone bringing their home specialties in abundance to share with each other is a little slice of Heaven here on earth -- Love Feasts, indeed! Bring 'em on!

For all the joy that goes with a wedding, there is an undercurrent of solemn truth: life is changing forever. The Bride and the Bridegroom are now joined; no more waiting and preparing. It is time for the Kingdom of God -- the Society of the Jesus Creed -- to take up residence in the neighborhoods. And that means lots to eat and drink, and JOY to share with everyone -- abundantly.

Potlucking with Papa.

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