Monday, December 17, 2007

Abi's Purple Adrenals....

Purple what?

Well, the latest in my story of brokenness is the news that my adrenals have lit the beacons, as it were, calling for reinforcements. This is a great example of the kind of joy I was talking about earlier, actually.

Come again?

Well, it's like this. I've been dealing with what we've been calling chronic exhaustion for the past, oh, seven years. Long story, not going to go into it. Suffice it to say that I've been writing checks my body has been trying to cash...and been robbing Peter to pay Paul, as it were...and my adrenals are representative of Peter. Living with three young boys when you're always exhausted means normal mode required that "fight or flight" response just about every day. And that's just too many stress hormones circulating for too long a period of time.

I're waiting to hear where the joy is in this news. So here it is: when you're bone tired and you think you're just tired, you think you should be able to just "do it"--whatever "it" is that needs being done. But when your body just says "NO" you find yourself being a bit like a zombie, doing things like reading blogs all day because typing doesn't take much energy....

So, when my doctor told me that my adrenal stress test results came in...and mine didn't really even register on the chart, we knew we had work to do before things went pathological: start with some key nutritional supplements to support and rebuild those exhausted glands, and work on really resting.

O, joy...the doctor has ordered me to rest! And so I am going to be taking my supplements (hoping to remember them three times a day!) and in between eating and taking supplements, I'm going to be taking a significant nap (or two) each day while the boys are at school.

This brings me hope that some peace may be coming my way, and that equals JOY to me.

What this also means is that I will be unable to keep up with all my blog buddies over in Abi's Links like I have been... so if something cool is happening out there in the blogosphere that you think I need to know, I'm counting on you sending me an e-mail or posting a comment here for me... I will check e-mail every day!

We're hoping for some significant improvement in three months, after which we'll retest and see how it's going. I am grateful for this "permission" to rest, rather than rush to take advantage of every small bit of energy that comes my way, in order to really recover.

It seems to me that seven years of suffering might make me eligible for a healing sabbatical. What do you think? Three months of rest and recuperation and preparation for what God has in store for me next. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;^)

The Mother Bear will be hibernating this winter! (I'm just hoping I'll lose 30 pounds or so in the process! :^) ) Taking James' advise, I'm considering this pure joy, indeed!

Be blessed!


Brad said...

Peggy - trusting that the adrenal catastrophe will become eucatastrophic in the best Eowynian and Abberian senses of the term, and that you will indeed remember all supplements and naps now so that a different kind of joy may return later. Blessings friend - Brad

Ted M. Gossard said...

Blesssings on you in this. Sometimes I think I'm a walking, living zombie, though that's probably due to years of sleep deprivation. Hope this is a special time for you.

AbiSomeone said...


We Abberians do know about power napping, don't we! ;^) I trust that all will work together for good in God's hands.


Thanks for stopping by...and for your blessing. Hey, you should take a nap yourself, dude...The Abbess totally gives you permission :^) ...sleep deprivation is the new epidemic of the "Future Shock" era, I am told!

Oops...time for some Licorice tincture tea and a handful of pills :^)

Be blessed.

sonja said...

Oh my, oh my, oh dinosaurs ...

I think the OT prescription is a year of rest for 7 years of work :D; so don't short yourself, sister!

From one type A to another ... you can be a type A rester just as well as doer. So ... just take up resting as a task to be done well.

We will all be here, patiently attending your return.

AbiSomeone said...


LOL, sister! Yet another thing the church has messed up in the OT/NT concept translation. ;^) I like your idea of a sabbatical year much better ... we'll just have to see how it goes!

I did finally take everyone's advise and set up google reader with all my linked folks, so I can just check it from time to time.

You think I'm a Type A???? :^)

Back to blessed!

sonja said...

Oh ... I dunno if you're a Type A, but you are definitely a fellow over-achiever!! So, go over-achieve with resting ... prove to the rest of us that it can be done ... lol ... ;-)

AbiSomeone said...

He he he ... the story of my life: proving that something can be done that everyone doubts! ;^)

Well, my blood type is A+ ... and I am a recovering perfectionist ... well, okay ... I guess I will own up to being a bit Type A (recovering there, as well).

Hmmm...I sense a "recovering" pattern. It must be a sign! ;^)

Over-achieving at resting ... is that an oxymoron? It is certainly paradoxical, so it must be me!

Time for tea and supplements (not exactly crumpets, but that's life, eh?).


Janet Woodlock said...

It's easy to think God is preoccupied with our ministry... then (darnit!!!) we discover God is interested in US... in our character, in our child-like-ness, in our dependence on God, in our humility, (double-darnit!!!)in our grace, in our deepest motivations (triple darnit!!!!)

Have you read Robert Clinton's "The Making of a Leader?" (No, don't read it... go have a nap). Anyway, he notes that God puts people through a character process so that ultimately their ministry is most productive... that it is truly done "In Him".

Be blessed in your rest... and know God works for good in all things. Enjoy....

AbiSomeone said...

Thank you, Janet...and yes, I have come to more than recognize that the whole purple thing is about giving all to God, whatever "all" is, and knowing that everything that he gives power to do comes from him, not from me. It is a good place to be, even if it is not always the most comfortable--it is the most secure!

One of the challenges I have with this exhaustion is that it frequently hits me in my eyes, so that extended times of reading are just impossible. One more reason for taking a nap, eh! ;^)

Be blessed.

Michael Kruse said...

Peggy, we've got you added to our prayer list as well. Peace to you.

AbiSomeone said...


Thank you for your prayers, brother. I'll definitely take that shalom.

Now, I'll have to see if I can make it through holiday bowl season! ;^) Fortunately, we don't have cable TV, so my choices of what to watch will be limited....

Lori said...

rest, rest, rest, and rest some more!;-)

cynthia said...

You were right. I got tested for hormone imbalance due to sleep disorders - and the test showed OK hormonally - but exhausted adrenals. I think it may be the only gland that does not replenish with the necessary hormone, once you've used it up - that's it.(?) Not good for a strong Type A who gets into stressful situations. And I intend to jam in 08 - burn out coming.

Just have to pace myself big time. My alternative doc - she's great advised the use of herbal adaptengens. Lets share remedies - let me know what works for you and keep me posted on your progress.
P.S. My blog finally up

AbiSomeone said...


Sorry about the news...yes, I'll e-mail you my current regiment of supplements. I return to the doctor Friday. Is your doctor also a homeopath? There are a number of good remedies that help with this.

You will just have to slow down, girl. Exhausted adrenals are bad enough, but if those puppies give up the ghost completely, it is not a pretty thing....

I will check out your blog!