Thursday, December 6, 2007

Missional Order and Seabeck Updates....

Update: Alan has a new post up on his blog that includes a podcast of his talk during our final session on October 18th. I hope you'll take the opportunity to "eavesdrop" on these 37 minutes with us as he frames our experience as well as our action items.

It was great to see the new and improved Allelon website, but especially to see the video report about our time at Seabeck. Stop and take just under 12 minutes to view the excellent video. When you see my clip, you may wonder: can The Abbess talk without using her hands? The answer is YES...if she has to! YIKES! ;^) For those of you there during the filming, you will remember that all of our brains were struggling just to process what we were hearing and thinking...some of us struggled more than others! I can feel a New Year's Resolution coming....

Also on the site is another good article with a box containing links to reflections by some who attended...and you will find a link to the first post of The Virtual Abbess there, too! So, a hearty virtual Welcome, any new visitors from Allelon (and elsewhere!). Abi's Categories called Missional Order and Seabeck will take you to my various reflections!

Be blessed.

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