Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Abi and Paul Young's Cross Roads....

Well, Thanksgiving was busy around here -- North and South houses have reunited and we are all crammed back into the South House.  It is taking some getting used to ... not having a North House any longer....

Reading is still something that takes me so much longer than before ... sigh!  While I am still reading Baxter Kruger's book (and I agree that if you liked The Shack, this is an important book for you to read.  I may not have to write any more on my perichoresis stuff...or it may just help me fine tune my thoughts), I finished Paul Young's new book today.

Have you heard of this book yet?  I must say that it is important to let this new book be what it is ... and it is not The Shack, part 2.  It has some important things to say, and says them in some very interesting ways ... but I don't know if lightening will strike twice.  We'll see how it sells, eh?  Haven't had time to look at anyone else's thoughts about it yet....

Perhaps I am in such a different place ... and have traveled so many of my own Cross Roads since visiting The Shack ... that it just wasn't as much of a shock to my soul?  I am still ruminating, so I won't go on right at the moment.

* * * * * * *

I am hoping to do something fun for Advent this year ... we will see!  This will be our last Advent with our firstborn ... this is a year full of "lasts", as he will be graduating from high school in June and going off to college at the end of next summer.  He is in the throes of college applications and essay writing at this very moment....

* * * * * * *

Clutter ... my house and brain are full of extra stuff, and I am in need of some serious simplicity around here. I will work through that I can each day.  I will be back to process some of what Papa, Sarayu, Jesus and I have been up to ... when it is the right time and when the words begin to flow out of my fingers.

I am still hoping to finish my Tweetinar on cHesed that was going so well in early summer.  And then I will begin to put some of that good condensed work here for you to process.

I find that I have changed quite a lot in these past five years ... some of the things I have blogged about seem like a lifetime ago.  I am sure that there will be much more of that to come.  If I am beginning to get any kind of inkling about The Truth, it will turn me on my head ... again!  But it will also cause me to get out my dancing shoes.  Yes, those purple ones!  ;^)

Wondering whether I am turning into an introvert ... or just so exhausted by living life that I haven't got energy to talk or blog or even Tweet about it?

Well, I have meandered far enough.  Be blessed, friends, wherever your journey takes you today.


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