Thursday, February 12, 2009

40 Days of cHesed—Day 28

Day 28 It Takes Time

Let’s check in on our garden. How’s it looking? What—no corn yet? We’ve been watering. The sun has been shining. What’s the matter?

Nothing. Growing things just takes time. Some seeds take longer to mature than others—you have to know what you’ve planted and the sign of maturity.

How long do you think it takes to go through the cycle—from hearing the Good News of Jesus, to joining the Covenant Community, to becoming a fully-devoted disciple of Christ, to helping disciple another?

I guess we should expect it to take as long as two years. (If we follow the example of Jesus.) But it certainly doesn’t happen if we don’t work through it on purpose.

Once we’ve gone through our first cycle, then what? We help someone else go through—by going along with them.

How many times do we go around this cycle? Well, we expect to be in the middle of a cycle when we die or when Jesus returns to take us to heaven.

It doesn’t take a little time for the Spirit to transform you to become like Christ. It will take the rest of your life.

But if you will look, you will see signs of growth. Cheer each other on—that’s part of the function of the community! Encouragement from God and from each other is what helps us be patience with the process.

Today’s Look at 1 John

Read 1 John 3:11-4:6. While you’re reading, look for encouragement to keep practicing.

Keep Breathing!

Well—we are almost out of the flat lands! Hey, you’re showing some good muscle definition when you turn to God as your first reaction to every situation – so he can help you respond with righteousness.

Way to go! Just keep going—never give up—you will reach the destination in God’s time.

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